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易于使用但用途广泛 – 大约 1 GB 的样本可用于 Psytrance 制作

我们很自豪地欢迎 #1 Beatport Psytrance 艺术家 Black Marvin 回来,因为这个非常好的样本集合 – 把我们最好的一个传下来!现在您可以在自己的作品中使用这些改变思维的声音了!

Psytrance Visions Volume 2 拥有 14 个类别(以及 20 个额外的子类别)的近 500 种声音,是一个真正全面的样本库,提供您快速自信地制作热门歌曲所需的一切。而且无需担心 DAW 或合成器的兼容性,因为该合集是 100% 高质量的 .wav 文件。

如果您一直在为这种迷幻类型寻找有用和抽象耳糖的完美平衡,那就别无所求。用郁郁葱葱的氛围快速营造气氛,用独特的 SFX 吸引注意力,用无数组合鼓和 perc 循环创造富有感染力的律动,并用驱动的低音和旋律主音构建沉浸式编曲。


56 抽象声音效果(无调性、数字、民族、复古)
30 音效
25 种静噪效果
15 人声效果器
29 个经过处理的人声乐句
22 次 Zaps 和过滤器扫描

82 低音炮多采样
8 拍手
10 踩镲
15 打击乐
13 踢
10 个圈套

20 个 Arp 循环
8 个网格循环(53 个 STEM)
10 个 Djembe 循环
15 个踩镲循环
10 个顶级循环

100% 免版税


Experience Mind-Altering Sounds Elevated to a New Level
Easy to Use Yet So Versatile – Roughly 1 GB of Samples for Psytrance Productions

We are proud to welcome back the #1 Beatport Psytrance artist, Black Marvin, for this insanely good sample collection – hands down our best one yet! And now you get to use these mind-altering sounds in your own productions!

Featuring nearly 500 sounds across 14 categories (and 20 additional sub-categories), Psytrance Visions Volume 2 is a truly comprehensive sample library, providing everything you need to produce hits quickly and with confidence. And there’s no need to worry about DAW or synth compatibility, as this collection is 100% high-quality .wav files.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect balance of useful and abstract ear candy for this psychedelic genre, look no further. Set the mood quickly with lush atmospheres, grab attention with unique SFX, create infectious grooves with countless combinations drum and perc loops and build immersive arrangements with driving bass and melodic leads.


56 Abstract Sound FX (Atonal, Digital, Ethnic, Retro)
19 Atmospheres
30 Sound FX
25 Squelch Effects
14 Voice Hits
15 Vocal FX
29 Processed Vocal Phrases
22 Zaps & Filter Sweeps

82 Bass Shot Multi-Samples
20 Grid Stabs
8 Claps
10 Hi-Hats
15 Percussions
13 Kicks
10 Snares

20 Arp Loops
8 Grid Loops (53 STEMs)
10 Djembe Loops
15 Hi-Hat Loops
10 Top Loops
20 Lead Lines

488 Samples for Psychedelic Trance
100% Royalty Free