Team DECiBEL | 20 Apr 2022 | 1.46GB

如果您正在使用 Logic Pro X 制作 Progressive House 音乐,并希望为您的曲目获得更多灵感,请参阅“Progressive House Template Vol. 8 (Logic Pro X)’ 是您的完美组合。一个很好的方式让您从一个完美的混音和母带项目开始您的曲目,并查看专业制作的曲目的内部。了解这种风格的鼓、贝司和合成器的秘密。这个 100% 免版税的产品包括带有链式效果、MIDI 数据、自动化、样本和预设的构建(如音频演示中所听到的)的安排。

演示中听到的 Logic Pro X 模板
包含 FX 链和混音的所有 MIDI 和音频通道
包含所有 MIDI 文件
100% 免版税

从研究每个单独的轨道(MIDI / 音频)中学习
总体而言,这是学习更多关于在 Logic Pro X 中制作旋律/渐进式家庭音乐的绝佳方式

Logic Pro X v10 或更高版本
Spire v1.5.x 或更高版本
LTO 工具
FabFilter Pro-Q3、Pro-L 2、
Voxengo SPAN Plus
Waves SSLComp、OneKnob Phatter、S1 Imager、CLA-76、CLA-2A、Abbey Road Chambers、Renaissance Axx


If you are producing Progressive House Music in Logic Pro X and would like to get more inspiration for your tracks, ‘Progressive House Template Vol. 8 (Logic Pro X)’ is the perfect pack for you. A great way for you to start your track with a perfect mixed & mastered project and see the inside of a Professionally produced track. Learn the secrets of the drums, bass, and synths of this style. This 100% Royalty-Free product includes the arrangement of the buildup (as heard in the audio demo) with chain effects, MIDI data, automation, samples, and presets.

What do I get?
The Logic Pro X template as heard in the demo
All MIDI and Audio channels with FX chains and mixing included
All the MIDI files included
All the Audio files included
100% Royalty-Free

What can I learn from this product?
Study how the arrangement was put together
Find out which techniques were used to build tension within the track
Learn from studying each individual track (MIDI / Audio)
Find out how the mixing was done, and how each track was processed
Learn how the bassline patterns were designed
Learn from the synth presets included, which settings were used to make each type of sound
Get inspired for your own productions
Overall, an excellent way of learning more about producing Melodic/Progressive House Music in Logic Pro X

What do I need to open this template?
In order to take full advantage of this project, you will need :
Logic Pro X v10 or higher
Spire v1.5.x or higher
LTO Tool
FabFilter Pro-Q3, Pro-L 2,
Dada Life Sausage Fattener
Voxengo SPAN Plus
Waves SSLComp, OneKnob Phatter, S1 Imager, CLA-76, CLA-2A, Abbey Road Chambers, Renaissance Axx