GbR | 25 August 2022 | VST2 / VST3 / AU | WiN | 656MB | macOS | 365MB

大家好!用于古典音乐或 EDM 的神奇乐器 «COLOVE Pianos X1»。更新 v2.0 已为您的新音乐或更早版本做好准备!用 COLOVE Products Soft 创作音乐!我们为作曲家、声音制作人介绍古典钢琴“COLOVE Colorful 1892 / Sirena 1820”。 COLOVE Products Sounds 的神奇古典钢琴(基于 1955 年乌克兰旧钢琴的录音样本,经过修改和压缩为 Maize Sampler 创建的 VST2 / VST3 乐器)。这是 50 年代独特的古典钢琴音色。我们已经在我们的 UA 工作室中捕获了钢琴。结果是一种独特的、强烈的、令人回味的乐器,拥有自己的氛围。因此,我们还为 VST 添加了一些效果 – 调制、混响、压缩器。使用 1.0 版创建的所有项目都可以与 v2.0 一起使用。享受!

• 2 架钢琴(Colorful 1892 / Sirena 1820),我们使用 WAV 32 位/84 键。插件仅适用于 Windows x64 和 MAC OSX。

[v2.0 有什么新功能?] – 添加了 MAC 插件
– 添加了适用于 Windows 7/10/11 VST3 的插件
– 为插件 Colorful 1892 和 Sirena 1820 添加了 Volume Mater
– 增加了对所有钢琴的保护,现在可以使用试用版至 15 天。您必须添加序列才能获得合法的完整版本。
– 旋钮和钢琴键设计的改进。添加了按键阴影并增加了控制旋钮的大小。


– 修正了一些钢琴音符。
– 固定加载插件。现在加载速度更快。
– 修复了您使用我们钢琴的加载预设和 FL 项目。
– 修复了声音延迟和对按键的反应比以前快到 10 毫秒(480 秒)。

享受 COLOVE Products Sounds 的强大效果!

PS。 COLOVE Products – Pianos X1 (Colorful and Sirena) 第一个版本 1.0 于 04.08.2019 发布

• 操作系统:Windows 7/8.1/10/11(仅限 x64)/Mac OS X 10.9 或更高版本
• 内存:1GB
• 硬盘/固态硬盘:950Mb
• DAW:支持 VST2/VST3/AU 主机


Hello everyone! Magical instrument’s «COLOVE Pianos X1» for classical music or EDM. Update v2.0 is ready for your new music or older! Create music with COLOVE Products Soft! We introduce Classical Pianos “COLOVE Colorful 1892 / Sirena 1820” for Composer’s, Sound Producers. Magical classical pianos by COLOVE Products Sounds (Based on the recorded samples from old piano Ukraine 1955 and after modified and compressed to VST2 / VST3 Instrument created by Maize Sampler). This is the sound of a unique classical pianos 50s. We’ve captured the pianos in our Studio of UA. The result is a unique, intense, and evocative instrument, with an atmosphere all of its own. So also we added some effects to VST – Modulation, Reverb, Compressor. All projects created with version 1.0 be nice work with v2.0. Enjoy!

In detail, the pack contains
• 2 Pianos (Colorful 1892 / Sirena 1820) and we used WAV 32 Bit/84 keys. Plugins only for Windows x64 and MAC OSX.

[What’s new in v2.0?] – Added Plugins for MAC
– Added Plugins for Windows 7/10/11 VST3
– Added Volume Mater to Plugins Colorful 1892 and Sirena 1820
– Added protection for all Pianos and a now can use trial version to 15 Days. You must add serial to get a legit full version.



– Improvements for knobs and piano key design. Added keys shadow and increased size of control knobs.

– Fixed some piano notes.
– Fixed loading plugins. Now loading is faster.
– Fixed loading presets and FL Projects where you do use our pianos.
– Fixed sound delay and reaction on taps to keys is very faster than it was before to 10ms (480smp).

Enjoy the powerful effects of COLOVE Products Sounds!
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PS. COLOVE Products – Pianos X1 (Colorful and Sirena) the first version 1.0 was released in 04.08.2019

System Requirements
• OS: Windows 7/8.1/10/11 (x64 Only) / Mac OS X 10.9 or later
• RAM: 1GB
• HDD/SSD: 950Mb
• DAW: Supported with VST2/VST3/AU Host