Team FLARE | 19 August 2022 | macOS | 137 MB

钟声 – 第一个最后一个陷阱 VST ★
我们现在可以告诉您,您的烦恼已经结束,因为我们已经为您开发了第一个和最后一个 Bells VST。


Thenatan 很自豪地向您介绍 BELLS,这是一种易于使用但功能极其强大的乐器,可以快速编程和调整,几乎毫不费力地发挥其最大潜力。现在取决于你走多远。

Trap / ChillHop / HopHop / Lofi 和任何现代流派的理想选择……

由于多层架构,玩 BELLS 很有趣。相互独立地操作 4 个图层,或使用强大的混合控制搜索新的混合补丁,我们喜欢称之为“XY”圆。

这使您可以使用无限的 XY 圆圈创建高级且令人印象深刻的 Bells 补丁,只需移动 XY 圆圈并为结果感到惊讶。

移调您的 MiDi 输入,更改弯音的上/下,以及控制分配给调制轮的颤音效果的速度、滑音时间和旋律的力度灵敏度,都在这里!

增益、平移、调音、Hp / Lp 滤波器、反向…您还可以看到在后台播放的音频波形!

使用您只能在 BELLS 中找到的声音制作您的下一个热门歌曲。无论是互补的还是复杂的,舒缓的还是奇怪的,一整套录音室品质的效果器都可以帮助您打造完美的声音。

Drive / Delay / Reverb / Paneer / BitCrusher / Equalizer / NY Compressor / Hp & Lp Filters 让您可以灵活地创建独特的 Bells Patch。

非常感谢 R2R 团队的帮助!


Windows” 7、8、10 或以上
系统驱动器上有 4 Gb 内存 / 2 GB 可用空间
“Mac” OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks 或更高版本
系统驱动器上有 4 Gb 内存 / 2 GB 可用空间
macOS Catalina / Bigsur Ready(与 Rosetta 2 下的 M1 硅计算机兼容)



Bells – First Last Trap VST ★
Creating trap bells requires an understanding and incorporation of Multiple instruments.
We can tell you now that your worries have come to an end because we have developed the first & the last Bells VST for you.

and Now, it’s Time to Say goodbye to samples chopping & boring old sample libraries & be ready to create your best music to date!

We at Thenatan are Proud to Introduce you to the BELLS, an easy-to-use but extremely powerful instrument that can be programmed and tweaked quickly, almost effortlessly leveraging its maximum potential. Now it’s up to you how deep you go.

Ideal for Trap / ChillHop / HopHop / Lofi and Any Modern Genre…

Playing with BELLS is a lot of fun because of the multi-layer architecture. Manipulate 4 layers independently of each other or search for a new Blended patch with a powerful blend control we Like to call the “XY” Circle.

This allows you to Create advanced & impressive Bells patches with the limitless XY Circle, just Move the XY Circle and get amazed by the results.

Transpose your MiDi input, Change the up/Down of Pitch Bend, and Control the speed of the Tremolo effect that is assigned to Modwheel, Glide Time, and Velocity Sensitivity of your melodies, all is here!

The Mixer Page enables you to mix signals from different Layers.
Gain, Pan, Tune, Hp / Lp Filters, Reverse… also you can see The audio waveforms playing in the background!

Make your next hit using sounds you can only find in BELLS. Whether it’s complementary or complex, soothing or strange, a full suite of studio-quality effects is to to help you craft your perfect sound.

Drive / Delay / Reverb / Paneer / BitCrusher / Equalizer / NY Compressor / Hp & Lp Filters gives you the flexibility to create unique-sounding Bells Patches.

Big Thanks to Team R2R for their help!

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
Windows” 7, 8, 10 or above
4 Gb ram / 2 GB free space on the system drive
“Mac” OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
4 Gb ram / 2 GB free space on the system drive
macOS Catalina / Bigsur Ready ( Compatible With M1 Silicon Computers Under Rosetta 2)