KONTAKT | 18/05/2022 | 3 GB

Noah “40” Shebib,Drake、Lil Wayne、Jay-Z、Nas、Sade、Alicia Keys、PartyNextDoor 和 Action Bronson 的传奇制作人、屡获殊荣的制作人,为您带来两款全新的 Play Series 琴键和鼓乐器。

40 年代专属键盘
直接利用 40 年代作品的流派定义声音。他的定制键盘乐器充满了鼓舞人心的声音,由他自己在他传奇的 SOTA 工作室拨入和录制。 150 个鼓舞人心的预设 – 融合了经典合成器、电钢琴、三角钢琴等 – 让您可以访问他独特的声音以及自定义的“40”宏控制,让您立即拨入他标志性的“水下”声音。

40 年代自己的鼓
超过 200 种基本鼓声由 40 个人定制,可完美融入任何混音。 40’S VERY OWN DRUMS 是关于高品质和美丽简约的 – 旨在创造卓越的嘻哈节拍。现场演奏节拍或从选择的内置 MIDI 模式开始,然后使用专用的“40”宏控制拨入更多风味。

需要 Native Instruments Kontakt Player 或 Kontakt FULL v6.6.0 及更高版本!



Noah “40” Shebib, the legendary, award-winning producer of Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas, Sade, Alicia Keys, PartyNextDoor, and Action Bronson brings you two brand-new Play Series instruments for keys and drums.

Tap straight into the genre-defining sound of 40’s productions. His custom keys instrument is packed with inspirational sounds dialed in and recorded by the man himself at his legendary SOTA Studios. 150 inspiring presets – blending classic synths, electric pianos, grand pianos, and more – give you access to his distinctive sound alongside a custom “40” macro control that lets you dial in his signature “underwater” sound right off the bat.

Over 200 essential drum sounds custom-created to sit perfectly in any mix by 40 himself. 40’S VERY OWN DRUMS is all about high quality, and beautiful simplicity – designed to create pared-back hip hop beats par excellence. Play in beats live or start from a selection of built-in MIDI patterns, and then dial in even more flavor with a dedicated “40” macro control.

Requires Native Instruments Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.6.0 and higher!