File size: 1.3 GB

Initial Slice 是一个循环切片器和节拍制作插件。通过拖放加载音频循环以切片、循环、反转、音高转换甚至时间拉伸它们。 Initial Slice 还带有多个内置钢琴卷轴,因此您可以直接在盒子中创建序列。除此之外,我们还有一个先进的鼓音序器、贝斯音序器、播放列表编辑器、4 个效果器机架(每个都有 11 个内置效果器)和许多高质量的内容。

来自全球各地的制作人齐聚一堂,构建了一个庞大的库,其中包含 300 多个旋律陷阱、嘻哈、钻孔和 rnb 循环、鼓模式和节拍启动器。

超过 300 个独特的免版税工厂样品
超过 300 个独特的 Factory Beatstarter
超过 160 种鼓声
1.8 GB 大小
视窗:64 位 VST
Mac:音频单元和 VST(兼容 Big Sur 和 Apple Silicon)
适用于 Windows 和 Mac 的独立版本

超过 300 个循环
Initial Slice 带有超过 300 个循环和超过 300 个节拍启动器,以及超过 160 个鼓样本。我们为 Slice 中的每个循环准备了一个演示节拍,可以通过单击库窗口中每个预设旁边的“节拍”按钮轻松选择。这使它成为寻找新内容和想法以激发他们下一首热门歌曲的制作人的完美插件。

我们在设计 Slice 时还考虑到了内容创作者。我们添加了许多功能,有助于制作出与众不同的独特内容。这些功能使创作者能够以前所未有的速度快速制作演示节拍,真正充分展示他们的内容。

创建您自己的库、鼓模式和节拍首发,并与他人分享,甚至在线销售。 Slice 将您使用的所有样本和鼓声保存到项目文件中,用户无需处理文件和文件夹,只需通过拖放即可加载新内容。

平台:VST/VST3 (x64)


Initial Slice is a loop slicer and beat making plugin. Load audio loops via drag and drop to slice, loop, reverse, pitch shift or even time stretch them. Initial Slice also comes with multiple built in piano rolls so you can create sequences right in the box. On top of this we have an advanced drum sequencer, bass sequencer, playlist editor, 4 effect racks (each with 11 built in effects) and lots of top quality content.

Producers from all across the globe came together to built a massive library of over 300 melodic trap, hiphop, drill and rnb loops, drum patterns and beat starters.

Over 300 Unique Royalty Free Factory Samples
Over 300 Unique Factory Beatstarters
Over 160 Drum Sounds
1.8 GB in size
Windows: 64 Bit VST
Mac: Audio Unit & VST (Big Sur and Apple Silicon compatible)
Standalone Version for Windows and Mac

Over 300 Loops
Initial Slice comes with over 300 loops and over 300 beat starters, as well as over 160 drum samples. We have prepared a demo beat for every loop in Slice, easily selected by clicking the “Beat” button that comes next to every preset in the Library window. This make it a perfect plugin for producers looking for new content and ideas to inspire their next hit song.

We also designed Slice with content creators in mind. We added lots of features that help with making unique content that stands out. These features enable creators to quickly make a demo beat faster than ever before, really showing off their content to full effect.

Create your own Libraries, drum patterns and beat starters and share them with others or even sell them online. Slice saves all samples and drum sounds you use into the project file, users don’t have to deal with files and folders but can simply load new content via drag and drop.