EZX Sound Expansion – 5,47 GB

Big Stage EZX 是 EZdrummer 3 的扩展,在可以说是 Toontrack EZX 历史上最独特和最具标志性的环境中捕捉到:一个空荡荡的舞台,面对着一个巨大的 1800 年代中期剧院礼堂。由工程师/制作人/混音师 Jakob Herrmann 精心录制,旨在提供尽可能广泛的声音调色板,它具有四个对比鲜明的套件以及位于舞台远端、阳台和剧院令人叹为观止的房间的其他关键位置的环境麦克风.

无论您是想写一首大型摇滚曲目、一首环境流行歌曲,还是只是想收集大量具有超出常规视听范围的流派中性鼓,这款 EZX 都是您的新选择-至。


– 在可追溯至 1859 年的经典哥德堡剧院 Stora Teatern 录制
– 由瑞典哥德堡 Top Floor Studios 的 Jakob Herrmann 设计
– 四个完整的套件,精心挑选以实现最大的多功能性
– 配备一套音乐会通鼓以及几个额外的底鼓、军鼓和镲片
– 适合从雷鸣般的摇滚和金属到现代环境流行音乐、灵魂乐等任何音乐
– 配备多个环境麦克风(舞台远端、天花板、阳台等)
– 带有适用于各种麦克风设置变化和风格的混音预设
– 包括一组独特的 MIDI 凹槽和为套件量身定制的填充

适用于 EZdrummer 3.0.1 或 Superior Drummer 3.3.1 及更高版本!


The Big Stage EZX is an expansion for EZdrummer 3 captured in arguably the most unique and iconic setting in Toontrack EZX history: an empty stage facing a massive mid-1800s theater auditorium. Masterfully recorded by engineer/producer/mixer Jakob Herrmann and designed to provide the broadest possible sonic palette, it features four contrasting kits as well as ambience microphones positioned on the far ends of the stage, the balconies and other key positions in the theater’s breathtaking room.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to write a massive rock track, an ambient pop song or if you’re simply after a massive collection of genre-neutral drums with an audio-visual scope beyond the convention, this EZX is your new go-to.

Ready to write some songs? The stage is yours.

– Recorded at Stora Teatern, a classic Gothenburg theater dating back to 1859
– Engineered by Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden
– Four complete kits, handpicked for maximum versatility
– Features a set of concert toms as well as several extra kicks, snares and cymbals
– Sounds ideal for anything from thunderous rock and metal to modern ambient pop, soul and more
– Features several ambience microphones (far sides of the stage, ceiling, balcony and more)
– Comes with mix-ready presets for a wide range of microphone setup variations and styles
– Includes a collection of unique MIDI grooves and fills tailored for the kits

Works with EZdrummer 3.0.1 or a Superior Drummer 3.3.1 and higher!