EZX Sound Expansion – 3,71 GB

这款 EZX 具有专为黑暗、温暖和有机音色的硬摇滚和金属量身定制的混合音色。与它的兄弟 Duality II EZX 相比,它旨在提供理想的极化声音。两部 EZX 均由工程师 Jakob Herrmann(Evergrey、Raised Fist、Amaranthe)和鼓手 Alex Landenburg(Kamelot、Cyhra、湄公河三角洲)在瑞典哥德堡 Top Floor Studios 的同一场会议上录制。 Duality I EZX 包括一个完整的套件以及总共六个低音鼓、八个军鼓和数量惊人的镲片。

除了声音之外,这款 EZX 还包括一个自定义 MIDI 库以及一组预设,旨在为核心套件提供不同的效果,以及使用大量额外的底鼓、军鼓和镲片内容构建的创意混合。

当两个物体——世界、恒星、行星、波浪、风暴——发生碰撞时,它们要么形成史诗般的冲突,几乎摧毁所有沿途的事物,要么融合并融合成一股令人敬畏的连贯能量。 Duality EZX 是后者的一个例子。欢迎来到两个对比鲜明的鼓组,它们平衡了两极分化的声音理想之间的鸿沟——每一个都很棒,但在一起很棒。

– 适合混音的鼓,专为黑暗、温暖和有机的硬摇滚和金属而设计
– 由 Jakob Herrmann (Evergrey, Raised Fist, Amaranthe) 在瑞典哥德堡的 Top Floor Studios 录制
– Alex Landenburg 采样(Kamelot、Cyhra、湄公河三角洲)
– 一套完整的套件,带有三个机架嗵鼓和两个可互换的地嗵鼓
– 六个低音鼓和八个军鼓
– 两次骑行、两个踩镲和 13 个碰撞/中国/堆叠/飞溅镲片
– 包括 Jakob Herrmann 和 Toontrack 的各种预设
– 具有由 Alex Landenburg 执行的专​​用 MIDI 库

适用于 EZdrummer 2.2.2 或 Superior Drummer 3.2.6 及更高版本!


This EZX features mix-ready sounds tailored for dark, warm and organic-sounding hard rock and metal. It was designed to offer a polarizing sound ideal compared to its sibling, the Duality II EZX. Both EZXs were recorded by engineer Jakob Herrmann (Evergrey, Raised Fist, Amaranthe) and drummer Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyhra, Mekong Delta) during the same session at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Duality I EZX includes one full kit as well as a total of six bass drums, eight snares and a staggering range of cymbals.

In addition to the sounds, this EZX also includes a custom MIDI library as well as a collection of presets engineered to provide different takes on the core kit along with creative hybrids constructed using the large pool of additional kicks, snares and cymbal content.

When two objects – worlds, stars, planets, waves, storms – collide, they either form a clash of epic proportions decimating almost any and all things in its way, or they meld and mesh into an an awe-inspiring coherent force of energy. The Duality EZXs are an example of the latter. Welcome to two contrasting batteries of drums that balance on the divide between polarizing sonic ideals – each great on its own, but awesome together.

– Mix-ready drums, tailored for dark, warm and organic-sounding hard rock and metal
– Recorded by Jakob Herrmann (Evergrey, Raised Fist, Amaranthe) at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden
– Sampled by Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyhra, Mekong Delta)
– One full kit with three rack toms and two interchangeable floor toms
– Six bass drums and eight snares
– Two rides, two hi-hats and 13 crash/china/stack/splash cymbals
– Includes a broad range of presets by Jakob Herrmann and Toontrack
– Features a dedicated MIDI library performed by Alex Landenburg

Works with EZdrummer 2.2.2 or a Superior Drummer 3.2.6 and higher!