GbR | 01 August 2022 | macOS | 255 MB

Tactic 是一个短语生成器,适用于不断发展的序列和变形模式。

Tactic 具有大量采样槽和主触发音序器,由多个调制音序器支持,具有每步概率、每步参数值指定和每步随机化等功能,为您提供从细微的打击乐创建任何东西所需的所有工具实验性超毛刺混沌的凹槽。

▬ 8 个样品槽
▬ 4个灵活的排序器
▬ 每步参数值
▬ 强大的随机数面板
▬ 可扩展的用户界面
▬ 工厂样品库和预设
▬ Win/Mac VST3/AU 64bit

为了扩展 Tactic 的板载功能,几乎每个参数都可用作自动化目标,最大限度地增加您的选择,通过主机应用程序的自动化设施构建极其复杂的调制场景。 Tactic 还具有一个类似于 Polygon 和 Palindrome 中的全面随机化面板,它允许您随机化插件中的几乎每个参数,无论是单独的还是按逻辑组织的参数组。

Tactic 带有一个特别策划的工厂库,其中包含 600 多个打击乐样本和音效。虽然这个库包含所有必要的元素,让您可以利用 Tactic 的优势,但您当然可以加载自己的示例,以便根据自己的喜好完全自定义插件。我们还提供大量单独提供的样本包,涵盖了您可以探索的广阔声音景观,以使 Tactic 在未来几年内充满内容。


64 位 VST3 或音频单元 DAW
Mac OS X 10.14+
视窗 10+
大约。 1.5 GB 硬盘空间
至少 2 GB 内存
最低 CPU:Core 2 Duo,2GHz


Tactic is a phrase generator geared towards evolving sequences and metamorphic patterns.

Tactic features a host of sample slots and a master trigger sequencer supported by several modulation sequencers with features such as per-step probability, per-step parameter value designations and per-step randomization, giving you all the tools necessary to create anything from subtle percussive grooves to experimental hyperglitch chaos.

▬ 8 Sample Slots
▬ 4 Flexible Sequencers
▬ Per-Step Parameter Values
▬ Powerful Randomizer Panel
▬ Scalable User Interface
▬ Factory Sample Bank & Presets
▬ Win/Mac VST3/AU 64bit

To extend Tactic’s onboard functions, virtually every parameter is available as an automation target, maximizing your options to construct incredibly intricate modulation scenarios via your host application’s automation facilities. Tactic also features a comprehensive randomization panel similar to the ones found in Polygon and Palindrome, which allows you to randomize nearly every parameter in the plugin, either individually or in logically organized parameter groups.

Tactic comes with a specially curated factory bank with over 600 percussion samples and sound effects. While this bank includes all of the necessary elements to allow you to take advantage of Tactic’s strengths, you can certainly load your own samples in order to fully customize the plugin to your liking. We also offer a large range of separately available sample packs that cover a broad sonic landscape you can explore to keep Tactic loaded with content for years to come.

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System Requirements
Broadband for download
64bit VST3 or Audio Unit DAW
Mac OS X 10.14+
Windows 10+
Approx. 1.5 GB of HDD space
Minimum 2 GB RAM
Minimum CPU: Core 2 Duo, 2GHz