P2P | 3 June 2022 | 2.09 GB

Hayat Selim 的 Ethnic Vocal Phrases 是一种鼓舞人心的独奏声乐乐器,用于创作令人难忘的电影配乐。 它以前所未有的质量和表现力为您带来令人难以置信的强大、情绪化的人声乐句。 一个完全可演奏的乐句乐器,它允许您创作自己美丽、独特的旋律,听起来就像是在瞬间完成的。

Hayat Selim 的 4 GB 人声样本库
12 个声乐主题,每个主题有 5 个乐句
适用于 VST、AU 和 AAX
由 Sonuscore 为 HALion 创建


Ethnic Vocal Phrases by Hayat Selim is an inspiring solo vocal instrument for creating memorable cinematic soundtracks. It brings incredibly powerful, emotional vocal phrases with unprecedented quality and expression to your fingertips. A fully playable phrase instrument, it allows you to compose your own beautiful, unique melodies, which sound like they are performed completely in the moment.

4 GB vocal sample library by Hayat Selim
12 vocal themes with five phrases each
Works with VST, AU and AAX
Created by Sonuscore for HALion