V.R | 05.2022 | 1.0 GB

Augmented VOICES 将详细的人声样本与现代合成引擎独特地融合在一起,形成一种直观的软件乐器,为制作人提供用于现代制作的原始、亲密和命令性声音的综合调色板。

Augmented VOICES 让您超越传统的合唱团声音和熟悉的单发声,发现当代音乐制作的全新人声维度。无论您是在为您的作品寻找令人回味的人类音色,还是为流行混音寻找混合耳语纹理,拥抱采样和合成的融合并找到您新的首选声音。

Augmented STRINGS 的混合调色板解锁了琴弦可以为您的项目带来的真正令人兴奋和独特的力量。这不仅仅是字符串样本的选择;这些是传统乐器转化为您从未听过的任何声音的声音。

使用 Augmented STRINGS 的多引擎灵活性构建您自己的合奏。尝试 2 层,每层包含 2 个声源,并编织您自己的自定义采样和合成组合,以获得超越真实的弦乐声音。

身临其境,管弦乐,电影,以及介于两者之间的一切。拥有超过 60 种发音、多种麦克风设置、独奏和合奏表演、4 种合成类型和内置 FX,探索几乎无限的现代弦乐纹理和音色,适合任何风格。

Augmented STRINGS 的 Morph 控制一键为您提供真正独特且不断发展的声音。在单一声音中解锁巨大的声音领域,在 A 层和 B 层之间移动和变换,并调整多达 8 个自定义目的地 – 只需一个控件即可。


一种兼具两者的乐器:Augmented STRINGS 在表面上是快速直观的,但在您需要时却是深入而先进的。编织复杂的调制、创建动态序列、自定义声源等等。

一方面,完整的独奏和合奏弦乐样本录制库。另一方面,4 个超强大的合成器引擎。在这两个元素之间的声音空间中,Augmented STRINGS 营造出新鲜而令人振奋的声音,供您探索 – 多达 8 个额外的自定义目的地,Morph 控件是解锁音乐表达世界的关键,只需轻轻一按,其中任何配置和字符都是可能的。



Augmented VOICES uniquely fuses detailed vocal samples with modern synthesis engines for an intuitive software instrument that equips producers with a comprehensive palette of pristine, intimate, and commanding voice sounds for modern production.

Hybrid voice engine
Your own organic-synthetic ensemble.
Augmented VOICES takes you beyond conventional choir sounds and familiar one-shots to discover entirely new vocal dimensions for contemporary music production. Whether you’re looking for evocative human timbres for your composition or hybrid whispered textures for pop mixes, embrace the fusion of sampling and synthesis and find your new go-to voice.

A new string palette
Augmented STRINGS’ hybrid palette unlocks the truly exciting and unique power that strings can bring to your projects. This isn’t just a selection of string samples; these are traditional instruments transformed into sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Layer your own sound
Build your own ensemble with Augmented STRINGS’ multi-engine flexibility. Experiment with 2 layers, each containing 2 sound sources, and weave your own custom combination of sampling and synthesis for a string sound that transcends the real thing.

Authentic to abstract
Immersive, orchestral, cinematic, and everything in between. With over 60 articulations, multiple mic setups, solo & ensemble performances, 4 types of synthesis, and built-in FX, explore a near-limitless spectrum of modern string textures and timbres for any style.

Morphing power
Augmented STRINGS’ Morph control gives you truly unique & ever-evolving sound with one click. Unlock huge sonic territory within a single sound, move and transform between Layers A and B, and adjust up to 8 custom destinations – all with one control.

Transform sound instantly
Make dramatic changes and tap into your musical expression in real-time with a streamlined set of macro controls, designed to intelligently change multiple parameters for sweeping sound tweaks in real-time. Perfect dynamics, variety, and individuality when you need it.

Deeper customization
An instrument that can do both: Augmented STRINGS is quick and intuitive on the surface, but deep and advanced when you need it to be. Weave intricate modulation, create dynamic sequences, customize sound sources, and more.

sound between the lines
Discover entirely new string timbres on an entirely new scale.
On one side, a complete recorded library of solo & ensemble string samples. On the other, 4 ultra-powerful synth engines. In the sonic space between these two elements, Augmented STRINGS forges fresh and invigorating sounds that are yours to discover – and with up to 8 extra custom destinations, the Morph control is the key that unlocks a world of musical expression with a single touch, where any configuration and character is possible.

Win64; AAX, VST3, VST, SAL