Team ARCADiA | WAV MiDi FXP | 449.66 MB

借助 Mainstage Hybrid Trap,我们将这一流派的所有标志性声音放在一个完整的制作包中,随时准备好让您制作出最硬、最重、准备就绪的 bangers。

拥有 60 种专业制作的预设,涵盖 808、贝司、和弦、FX、主音、打击垫、弹拨和合成器,所有这些都带有宏控制,仅映射到最有用的参数,为自定义声音设计提供高效的动态调整。

还包括 5 个完整的构建套件,其中包含干湿循环、oneshot 和 MIDI 文件,确保该包包含创建完全根据您的喜好定制且仅受您的创造力限制的地板填充混合陷阱轨道所需的所有元素。


60 种血清预设:

10 808
13 低音
3 和弦
9 外汇
10 条线索
4 采摘
9 合成器

5 个建筑套件:

158 个循环
65 个 Oneshots(鼓、808、贝斯、合成器、FX、Vox)
39 迷笛
5 个混音演示
2 个完整的产品演示(WAV 和 MP3)




With Mainstage Hybrid Trap, we’ve put together all of the signature sounds of the genre in one complete production package ready for you to cook up the hardest, heaviest, rave-ready bangers.

Featuring 60 expertly-crafted presets covering 808s, basses, chords, FX, leads, pads, plucks and synths all with macro controls mapped to only the most useful parameters, enabling efficient on-the-fly tweaking for custom sound design.

Also included are 5 complete Construction Kits packed with wet and dry loops, oneshots and MIDI files ensuring this pack contains every element required to create floor-filling Hybrid Trap tracks completely tailored to your liking and only limited by your creativity.


60 Serum Presets:

10 808
13 Bass
3 Chords
9 FX
10 Leads
2 Pads
4 Plucks
9 Synth

5 Construction Kits:

158 Loops
65 Oneshots (Drums, 808, Bass, Synth, FX, Vox)
5 Mixdown Demos
2 Full Product Demos (WAV & MP3)

Total Files: