FANTASTiC | 25 September 2022 | 859 MB

Dropgun Samples – “Ritual Soul Trap & RNB”捕捉经典灵魂音乐与 Lo-fi 样本和合成器混合的魔力,然后将其与未来的声音相结合。

该包包含 1.12 GB 的最高质量的单发和循环;充满实验性的未来灵魂陷阱节拍,带有量化的节奏,温暖的垫子,沉重的低音线和深情的声乐。包括饱和的 Drum Loops 和有力的 Drum Hits、有故障的灵魂吉他、扭曲的声乐、尘土飞扬的 Keys 和深情的 Leads。模拟 FX、噪音和电子嗡嗡声捕捉添加纹理和砂砾,除了大量的纹理和环境声音。

在 Soul Trap 中充分考虑了跨各种元素的循环和样本之间的集成,分别命名了互补的和弦和低音循环,以便在浏览包时提供快速的工作流程。无论是将自然柔和的钢琴循环与温暖的贝斯线配对,还是将宽锯齿合成器与时髦的模拟贝司循环配对,都有无数机会发现新的灵感。

“Ritual Soul Trap & RNB”是一个集合,旨在激发灵感并提供构建模块来操纵、扭曲和切割以创造您自己独特的声音。

所有样本都是 100% 免版税的,并且可以放入您选择的 DAW 或采样器中。


•15 x 构造套件
•418 个旋律循环(Songstarters、旋律、和弦、人声、贝司)
•71 个鼓循环(完整、踩镲、打击乐器、填充、顶部)
•32 旋律一击(贝斯,旋律)
•119 次鼓一击(底鼓、踩镲、拍手、增强器、打击乐、小军鼓、过渡)
•57 FX(纹理、氛围、扫描)


Dropgun Samples – “Ritual Soul Trap & RNB” captures the magic of classic Soul music blended with Lo-fi samples and synths, and then combines it with the sounds of the future.

The pack contains 1.12 GB of the highest quality one shots and loops; full of experimental future soul trap beats laced with quantized rhythms, warm pads, heavy basslines and soulful vocal chops. Including saturated Drum Loops & punchy crafted Drum Hits, glitched soul Guitars, twisted Vocal chops, dusty Keys and soulful Leads. Analogue FX, noises and electrical buzz captures add texture and grit, in addition to lots of textures and ambience sounds.

The integration between loops and samples across the various elements has been fully considered in Soul Trap, with complimenting chord and bass loops being titled respectively to provide a quick workflow when navigating through the pack. Whether that be to pair a natural soft piano loop with a warm bassline, or soaring wide saw synths with funky analogue bass loops, there are countless opportunities for discovering fresh inspiration.

“Ritual Soul Trap & RNB” is a collection built to inspire and provide the building blocks to manipulate, twist and chop to create your own unique sounds.

All samples are 100% royalty free and ready to drop into your DAW or sampler of choice.

Content of the pack:

•15 x Construction Kits
•418 Melodic Loops (Songstarters, Melodies, Chords, Vocals, Bass)
•71 Drum Loops (Full, Hi-hats, Percussions,Fills, Tops)
•32 Melodic One Shots (Bass, Melodic)
•119 Drum One Shots (Kicks, Hi-hats, Claps, Enhancers, Percussions, Snares, Transitions)
•57 FX (Textures, Ambience, Sweeps)
•Total Audio Files: 697