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继 Phil 精彩的“理解混音基础”课程之后,Nate 更进一步,寻找帮助您的工作流程的方法,混音时需要注意的陷阱以及让您进入 处理混音时的正确方向。




Following on from Phil’s brilliant Understanding Mixing Fundamentals course, Nate takes things a step further, looking at ways to help your workflow, the pitfalls that you need to watch out for when mixing a track and tips and tricks that’ll get you heading in the right direction when tackling your mixdown.

Whether you’re just starting out or already releasing music, getting things right when mixing is vital and can literally make or break a track, so this is a must-watch for producers of all abilities out there!

Get on it, level up and make those tracks shine above the rest!