HiDERA | 29 September 2022 | 1.44 GB

这个包包括 20 多首带有茎和 MIDI 的优质 Lofi 旋律。



这包括我们个人最喜欢的一些旋律,由我们专门从事 Lofi 流派的顶级制作人手工制作。

Aura Lofi Melody Loops 规格:
100% 免版税
总大小:1.56 GB


This pack includes 20+ premium Lofi melodies with stems & MIDI.

Our team used their collection of vintage equipment to achieve a unique sound within every single melody loop.

Inside, you’ll find timeless sounding synths and instruments, created to sound like they were pulled straight from an old vinyl record.

This includes some of our personal favorite melodies, handcrafted by our top producers that specialize in the Lofi genre.

Aura Lofi Melody Loops specs:
Total Files: 225
100% royalty free
Total size: 1.56 GB